North Vancouver Full Kitchen Reno

Step 1: Design & Initial Meeting

The first step to your home renovation process is the fun part, design! We offer in-house design services for small renovation projects. We'd love to collaborate with your designers too, and we're always happy to work with someone new. At this stage, we'll be coming up with a vision for your project.

Planning a reno in North Vancouver

Step 4: Scheduling & Planning

Let's go! Once we have the proposal set and complete we'll proceed to refining the schedule, which you get full access to! Through our online portal, you'll have real time access to the project schedule as well as the ability to read daily logs and see the latest photos of your project from anywhere. 

Bathroom renovation project planning north vancouver

Step 2: Pre-Construction

Once the initial design is set, we refine it by making sure we have the ability to complete the project in the desired way while working toward your new dream living space. This is the time when we are obtaining estimates from sub-contractors & vendors and refining the budget based on the needs of you and your family. 

Bathroom renovation experts north vancouver

Step 5: Your Renovation Process!

The first step is demo. This stage happens fast, but we make sure we take absolute care with your home and your family's health and safety. We're all about protection of your home and your health, so everything is always protected and covered fully. Then it's time to put the pieces together!

Full house renovation planning west vancouver

Step 3: Proposal & Contract 

At this step, we'll provide you with a lump sum estimate for your project so you know exactly how much your renovation will cost as well as putting together a contract that protects both you and us. We want to make sure you have a great experience, while making things clear and easy to understand

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Step 6: Completion & Hand Over

Once we're complete, we'll make sure every detail has been carefully looked over and made as perfect as possible. This is the time for review and approval to make sure you received the outcome you wanted. We'll perform a full clean and polish, so you can get right to enjoying your new space.