• Blake Voyer

What to look for when choosing a home service professional

Things to look for when choosing a home service professional:

  1. Liability insurance, WorkSafeBC and a business licence in YOUR neighbourhood at the minimum

Did you know that if your contractor isn’t in good standing with WorkSafeBC then YOU become the prime contractor while your home is getting serviced? And if they don’t have insurance, your home may not be protected in the event of an accident. If in doubt, always ask for documentation. A good contractor will always give you this info if you ask!

2. Reviews & Testimonials

Ok, sometimes you have to take a chance on the new kid on the block, but if a home service professional has been around for at least a year, they should have a stack of reviews that you can sort through and see what your neighbours are saying about them!

3. Communication

This one is easy. From the get go, the company/individual that you contacted should get back to you the next day at the latest. Throughout the scope discussions and the estimating, your home pro should be easy to talk to and helpful with your questions. Watch out for incommunicado red flags

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