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Should you use a designer for your next bathroom renovation?

Are you looking to start a bathroom renovation in your home this year? Obviously, the first step is to decide on the design, but what does that mean in real terms, and can you do it yourself? I’ve had countless potential clients inform me that they would like to

‘be their own designer’ as they know exactly what they want and have a knack for interior design.

Sounds like a good plan! Or is it?

There are two sets of information that a contractor needs in order to estimate the cost of your bathroom renovation.

1) A Specification List

2) Drawings

It all starts with a Spec List

A specification list notes the finishes on the project, where they come from, and where they’re located. This keeps things organized and allows a contractor to price accurately and quickly. An interior designer can help put this list together and come up with different options based on your tastes and needs. Your designer will do the leg work here, calling suppliers, experimenting with what works best for you and making sure the products work properly in your space.

Spec lists are incredibly important, and without them it’s very difficult to properly budget for your project from the beginning.

Which brings us to the next step: Drawings.

Drawings, and why you’ll be happy you have them

Drawings are the single most important aspect of any construction project. If you have digital PDF drawings of your project, it will run more smoothly, make more sense, and result in less headaches. Once an interior designer has your vision, goals and budget in mind, they can start putting your ideas to paper. This is a critical stage and if done properly, will provide the best roadmap to the completion of your project on time and within budget. Just like the spec list, professional drawings allow your contractor to price, plan and schedule your project more accurately. Additionally, your contractor will immediately be able to see any issues that could stand in the way of your dream bathroom.

Is that vanity big enough? Is that mirror lit properly? Does this work for us and our lives? Drawings help you to see everything before you start, nipping issues in the bud. Once the items in your spec list have made it to paper and you can see their scale within your space, you’ll be grateful you hired a designer to help you.

Interior Designer? Yes or No?

For any project over a few thousand dollars, a designer will not only be worth the money, but will pay dividends during and after completion of your new reno. There’s so much more a designer can do for you then what we’ve listed, but these items really help us give you accurate pricing and scheduling for your reno. After all, renovating is hard enough!

We work with excellent lower mainland bathroom designers, and we’d love to introduce them to you. If you’ve already found your designer, we’re always happy to work with someone new. When you’re ready, get in touch and we’ll help you start the exciting journey to your dream bathroom!

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