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How Much Does a Kitchen Reno Cost in North Vancouver?

What's your budget? It's usually the last question I ask my clients before we see if we're a good fit for each other. It comes down to reality. Once I have an idea of what my client thought the project will cost, I let them know through experience and past projects what I expect their project to cost. As we're talking, I open up a mock proposal for a similar project and adjust it ON THE FLY based on their needs and what they expect from the renovation.

It Costs What?!

Too many contractors are out there dispelling misinformation to get clients to sign on the dotted line with a "cost plus" model. What?! What does "cost plus" even mean? It sounds like Mr. Monopoly's catch phrase or something. Cost plus makes no sense, as it's just a guess. And why would you let someone take a guess with your life savings? Most contractors use this "cost plus" method, or a "target price", maybe a "buffer percentage" or even worse-"hourly". Why? Because it's easier to ask for more money when your house is half torn apart.

Here's how we do it: I take the cost of the project (full labour burden, subtrades, specialty consultants, materials etc) and apply a markup percentage that covers overhead, my measly salary and profit as a percentage. And that's the price you pay. Done.

Not So Fast, Let's Design Something

The way we come up with that final price is by working off a designer's drawings and specs that are complete. COMPLETE, not 80% not 95%, but 100% complete. That way, when we send out the drawings and specs to our subtrades and suppliers, it comes back accurate and priced correctly. That's a price that means something. How do we do this? By connecting you with a designer that: Went to design school, has a passion for good design, are on the pulse of changing trends that ensure their designs are timeless, not tacky or "current".

Renovations aren't cans of mushroom soup

Nobody likes canned mushroom soup. Seriously. But when it comes to to comparing them to renovations: Renovating is a cost based business and selling cans of soup is a market based business. If you have a surplus of cans of nasty mushroom soup in your grocery store, you can mark them down slightly, because nobody wants them, and the profit is still high enough on other items to make keep the doors open.

We ain't selling cans of soup partner. (cowboy emoji here)

Also, this is the best soup photo I could find, don't judge me.

The point is, renovating is a one off with multiple factors that come together to make your project a reality. A contractor becomes a person you trust to perform a specific creative action to bring your home renovation dreams to life. Mushroom soup is mushroom soup and creating your dream home is not 10% off today. Sorry.

Ok, Seriously Though, How Much Will it Cost?

It's an easy equation:

A Full Main Floor Reno: 20% of the cost of your home approximately

A Kitchen Reno: 10% of the cost of your home approximately

A Bathroom Reno: 2% of the cost of you home...again approximately

See? Easy. And don't plug in what you bought your house for 10 years ago, that's cheating.

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