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Changes to the home service business in 2020

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

As I'm writing this in March 2020 we are all mostly confined to our homes waiting for the recommendations on social distancing to be relaxed. The world that will emerge after this is all over will undoubtedly be different, and hopefully we'll be more prepared if this were to happen again. In order to protect the people whom we work with every day we'll be making some changes to the way we provide home services.

For the next few weeks (or months) we'll be temporarily stopping services except of course for emergency repairs while we get through this as a community.

Below are the ways that services are likely to change when we start working again. We don't know exactly how many of the changes will be permanent, but we are taking these extra precautions now in order to keep the community safe. On the plus side, most of these changes actually end up saving time and energy for you and us, so really these strategies are a win win!

Strategies for keeping you safe

# 1 When I meet you at your home to start a project, it may be best not to shake hands. Maybe an elbow bump or a foot shake will be the new normal. Either way, to reduce the transmission of anything that we may be unknowingly carrying, let's come up with a more creative way to say hello!

# 2 When we're working in your space, we will not only keep dust and debris to a minimum, but we'll also wipe down and disinfect the areas where we were working if we're inside your home. We always use non-perfumed wipes as not all of us like lemon or lavender scent!

# 3 Instead coming to your home for an initial review of the project, we have had a lot of success with providing accurate estimates after reviewing photos, or videos of the project, especially regarding a repair task. Sometimes an in person meeting is necessary, but if we can provide a quote via photos, that saves both you and us a lot of time!

# 4 When it comes to invoicing and payment, all invoices will be sent digitally via email. This not only makes the process faster and easier, but it also reduces physical interaction. As for payment, our new preferred method is e-transfer. Feel free to send a cheque through the mail as well, but for the time being cash is out!

With all of this being said, we can't wait to get back to serving the community with a high quality approach to home repairs and customer service. I have a lot of fun working for my neighbours in our little community on the North Shore and the time we've had off makes me even more excited to get back to work!

See you soon,


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