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CEDAR Fencing

In North Vancouver and West Vancouver

When it comes to your yard, having it fenced and secure is a big deal. Keep the kids and dogs in and the nosey neighbours at a safe distance. A new fence can give you peace of mind and peace & quiet! Add in a secure gate and you have you're own little Fort Knox in no time!

We offer cedar fencing in a variety of styles including: Solid panel style, Lattice-top panel style and Custom built options. We also build custom and long lasting gates with solid hardware that isn't crummy!

We build our fences from natural, rot resistant cedar. You can let the beauty of the natural cedar shine through or if you would like to discuss finishing services, we offer that too! Note that new fencing needs a month or two before it can be stained in order to let the free-water evaporate from the green lumber.

Let's get that fence replaced!