Are you considering the exciting process of revamping the exterior of your home? An exterior renovation that's designed and executed with care will benefit you and your home in so many ways. The health of any home starts at the exterior where proper building science meets excellent design. Just like every renovation we do, we believe first and foremost in customer service. When we start working with you, we'll not only make sure your exterior renovation is the best it can be, we want the experience to be just as amazing!

As your full service exterior renovation contractor, we take on all of the work for you:

  • We work with your designer or architect from the very beginning

  • Help with specs and manage fixture selections 

  • Establish and submit a fixed price proposal to you, with a written contract

  • Protect your home completely for a dust free environment

  • Use only the most careful and courteous sub-contractors

  • Keep digital records of your project that you can view live online at any time

  • Control the schedule and stay on time!

-and most importantly-

Stand by our 2 year Warranty

See our fully detailed steps to a successful interior renovation here!

Let's Discuss!

Renovating is a customer service based business, and we want your experience to be the best it's ever been! While we're working on adding a beautiful addition to your home, or re-styling your home's exterior, our process allows us to give you a level of detail and care that's still unsurpassed in our industry. 

Your home is your most important asset, and an exterior renovation is one of the best ways to improve your home's long term value. Coming back every day to a newly renovated home designed just for you is one of the best experiences out there, and lucky us, we get to see how much our clients love our renovations every day!

We specialize in:

  • Full exterior renovations and additions

  • Exterior finish renovations

  • Stunning decks

  • Covered patio spaces

  • Ad hoc and accessory buildings

  • Exterior living space


We want you to be extremely happy with your exterior renovation and we want nothing more than to make you feel like you've made the right choice with your project and your contractor!

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Customer Service + Building Science


Our clients love our process because we combine the service of a small local business, with a level of skill that comes from over 15 years in the industry. We're addicted to improving the type of service we offer, and that includes full scale exterior renovations.

If you're looking to renovate a portion or the entire exterior of your home, you can start by getting in touch! We're here to offer advice on your reno and answer any questions you have, regardless if you decide to go the next step. No pressure!

We serve North Vancouver and West Vancouver exclusively with the goal to be your go to contractor for all of your renovation needs. It's just a different way to renovate, and we're excited to show you what that means!