If you've been dreaming of one, or even multiple bathroom renovations in your home, we want to help you realize your goals and give you the best possible experience while doing so. There are a lot of steps to a successful bathroom renovation, and we want your new bathroom to not only change your life when completed but we want the process to be headache free for you! 

As a general contractor, we take on all of the work for you:

  • We work with your interior designer from the very beginning

  • Help with specs and manage fixture selections 

  • Establish and submit a fixed price proposal to you

  • Protect your home completely for a dust free environment

  • Use only the most careful and courteous sub-contractors

  • Keep digital records of your project that you can view live online at any time

  • Control the schedule and stay on time!

-and most importantly-

Stand by our 2 year Warranty

Let's Discuss!

We don't want to just be another bathroom renovation company, we want to change the game so your bathroom renovation experience is unlike any contracting process you've been through. Our process allows us to give you a level of detail that is unsurpassed in our community and in the industry. 

Your bathroom is where your day start and ends. Not only should it be comfortable, but it should be designed to suit your life perfectly. While we always work with interior designers, we also have the skills required to adjust designs to reflect existing conditions and construction constraints. Designers will rely on us to come up with solutions that make sure that our client's renovations go ahead smoothly with minimal interruptions and clear communication during your reno.


All to get you to enjoying your new bathroom sooner!

Bathroom Renovation in North Van

"ALL THAT AND MORE: While we absolutely agree with all of the kind words supplied by every commenter here, one other thing about Blake that stood out for us in particular: his ability to address conventional problems in creative ways. 

We are pretty picky about the finished look inside our house, and Blake always sought out functional workarounds that addressed our visual concerns—that’s pretty rare in a tradesman."

Carol, West Vancouver

Bathroom remodeling West Van

Not a one trick pony!


Our clients love our process because we combine the service of a small local business, with a level of skill that comes from over a decade in the industry. We're addicted to improving the type of service we offer and that includes the styles of bathrooms we work on.

From contemporary spa-like designs to cozy & classic farmhouse WC's, or whatever you can dream up, we know what works and we're more than happy to turn your exciting ideas in your dream bathroom. 

Serving the North Vancouver and West Vancouver solely, our goal is to be your go to contractor for your home renovation needs on the North Shore. It's just a different way to renovate, and we're excited to show you what that means!